India observes 10th National Voters’ Day

Under the theme ‘Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy’, India observes National Voters Day to mark the foundation day of Election Commission of India (ECI)


The National Voters’ Day (NVD) is celebrated all over the country on January 25 every year since 2011 to mark the foundation day of Election Commission of India (ECI), which was established on 25th January 1950. 

The motive is to encourage, facilitate and maximize the enrollment, especially for the new voters. The focus is on youths so that they can cast their votes to a responsible person and participate in the democratic process of the country. 

Role of ECI

This year marks an important milestone in the history of Indian democracy as ECI completes 70 years of its journey since its foundation day.The body’s role is to maximise enrollment of voters, especially the new voters. While earlier the eligibility age to cast vote was 21 years, but through the 61st amendment Act, 1988 of the Constitution the minimum age of registration of a voter has been brought down to 18 years. This has been made effective from 28th March, 1989.

Where a person can Vote

Generally, the electoral commission allows a person to vote in the place where he or she resides or lives. If voting is done from two or more different places it is considered as an offence. Also, the Election Commission revises the electoral rolls every five years and also before an election. At the time of voting it is not necessary to carry a voter id, one can carry their PAN card, Driving licence, Adhaar Card etc.

 Voters’ Day themes

 Every year the National Voters Day comes with a theme to ensure enthusiastic participation of people in the electoral process which is the key to a healthy democracy.The theme for NVD 2020 is ‘Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy’. The theme sets the tone for year-long activities which focus on voter education and renewal of citizens’ faith in the electoral process. The theme of past five voters Day is:

  • Theme 2019: “No Voter to be left behind”
  • Theme 2018: “Assessable Elections”
  • Theme 2017: “Empowering Young and Future Voters”
  • Theme 2016: “Inclusive and qualitative participation”
  • Theme 2015: “Easy Registration, Easy Correction”


New Delhi | PBNS Bureau